Get Happy

by Coca-Cola Company

Helping the small neighborhood food trade

Coca-Cola Company creates a platform to help small and medium food stores. This platform show to the user the best culinary options in the near, rated for other users. The user can win gifts through a collection of stamps collected for every meal in the collaborating restaurants. Millennials were our target group.

Client: Get Happy (Coca-Cola Company)
My role: Lead Art Direction
UI Design
Digital Product Design
Online Marketing


The Get Happy app

We create a visual identity, website and app with optimal functionality and fun for the user and the partner shop. The web app should allow the user find a partner shop nearby, oder and book a table there as well as get the stamp in the shop and collect them.

I used a fresh style for interface design of the web and app, the features as well as all concepts ideas and designs of the media for the online campaign. The web app interface was adapted to mobile and Desktop.

For the launch of the website we created an online marketing campaign in social media, events and billboards to reach our millennial’s target group touchpoints.

A feature was designed to make easy the stamping process between partners and users. Thanks to a personal QR Code generated in the app, the user should just let it scanned by the part shop and all the info will be automatically received in the device. Stamps can be exchanged later for drinks, food products, etc.

A social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram to reach our target group through their touchpoints.

Instagram shopping integration

Social media action in Instagram where different products of our partners where display in a long table using strategically the Instagram posts format with a  shopping link on each product to get them directly from instagram.