Interactive film for Youtube

An invitation to subscribe to the BVR YouTube channel

How to get more followers in the BVR Youtube channel

The Youtube channel of the BVR bank is full of entertaining videos explaining their products. To get more followers to the channel, the goal is to create a fun video to be placed at the end of each explanatory film of the channel, where you can subscribe there, by just one click.

Client: BVR (Volksbank Raiffeisenbank)
My role: Lead Art Direction
Online Marketing
Creative Direction


The interactive Youtube film with the concept of the papercraft desktop

We create an interactive link film for youtube with a papercraft art direction to match with the look of the films of the channel. The concept is about a desktop scene, where the users could feel identified. The film will appear after every BVR bank film and we use links as interactive areas of  YouTube like “subscribe” , “watch more videos” or “find the BVR bank closer to you”.

A papercraft pointer describes where the viewer has to click to subscribe to the channel or to watch more explanatory films. After the film was launch, the followers of the BVR YouTube channel increased. The film was animated with 3D modeling from real paper objects.