Web series

A web series on the topics of mid-sized companies.

A web series about relevant current topics for the mid-size business

The BVR wants to explain its consulting service through films online with relevant topics for new founding or  mid-size business that could be potential clients for the bank.

Client: BVR (Volksbank Raiffeisenbank)
My role: Lead Art Direction
UI Design
Online Marketing

The film poster

The trailer


A digital campaign to let entrepreneurs know about what the web series is about

The web series “Von Mitteldstand zu Mittelstand by BVR bank” was created.  Every episode, some well know business professionals speak about relevant topics for new or amateur entrepreneurs. In each chapter, an expert will talk about his experience and give useful advice about how to optimize your company and always linked with the BVR bank free consulting and financing system services.

The web series is streamed on a website linked with the BVR Bank website. For the launch of the series we create an online campaign of banners, video banners and social media post with teasers of the series. 

I designed the website and I was responsible for six web series episodes conceptualization, execution of the media, art direction and postproduction. I was in charge of the episodes filming  as well as the parallel shooting of the images and their postproduction for the digital and analogic media like prints, banners, etc. I design the website with an interface that make a functional navigation through all the web series episodes.

The campaign

The films

The series deals with topics such as employee training, innovation, succession, business foundation or growth for example. Different experts advise about the topic and talk about their experience. Some have been helped by the bank BVR for its creation.

Here you find three chapters examples of the web series.

The images

All the images used in the campaign are a highly professional look, inspiring, modern and with a human touch. Here you can check some examples of the images we used.

The website

All the episodes are streamed at a website linked with the BVR website. The user has access to all episodes in the platform and can find information about how the bank would help them if they are thinking to set up a business.

Online marketing Banner ads

In order to catch new viewers for the series, we launch a digital campaign with stream banners, animated banners, lightbox videos, digital ads in such us Youtube or Social Media platforms.