A project management web app

A project management web app for a new business generation

Tribo is a Project management web app that wants to satisfy new business generation of dynamic teams, freelancers and Startups. Different User experience design technics were used in order to know which oportunities have the market for digital project management, which target have biger needs and what products should the web app include for satisfying the target.  A visual identity and complete interface for desktop, tablet and mobile must be also designed.

Client: Tribo
My role: Lead Art Direction
UX/UI Design
Digital Product Design
Creative Direction


Innovative features and design based on our users’ needs.

UX Design technics were used to create features that cover our user needs. These solutions were a functional virtual office for an optimal workflow, optimally big data volumes handling, interactive project’s tracking tool and functional networking features like an accurate candidates search tool or a useful professional pool feature to check their availability, portfolio, ratings and contact them easily. All these products can improve the collaboration between teams helping them to deliver successful projects.

These UX technics were applied in process: Competitors Analysis, Surveys, Interviews, define Personas, Task modeling, Emotional Journey, Usability Testing with Paper Prototypes, wireframes and high fidelity design.

As result Tribo is a compelling task management tool for a dynamic team, with a minimalist design and the complete features created and tested to improve the collaboration between the team delivering a successful product.

Features for a dynamic and collaborative workflow

After a market research, surveys, interviews and usability testing with wireframes was possible to identify the Tribo pain points and opportunities to cover the needs of our future market. This is an aexample of some products created for Tribo.

Find efficiently the ideal professional

Make more effective the search of the ideal professional to help in a project thanks to features like a search bar to type more intuitively by names, role, career, cleints, etc. It´s possible also to check availability, see ratings, have a quick view of their portfolio, make a video call and chat with all the professionals available in Tribo web app.

Customizable dashboard 

User can move and change easily feature boxes position in endless navigation from  side to side. Customize your dashboard by just dragging boxes that intuitively adapting to space.

Get your projects under control

Have a better overview and management of your projects thanks to the easy to manage the calendar. Be aware of deadlines with the reminders and manage the task more efficient with the tracking projects and the team scheduling view.

The process

The process starts with a competitors research, a survey were run to affirm assumptions about possible targets and their needs with digital organization tools products. After get the results was poosible to define better  the oportunities in the market for a new project management app. The process continue with interviews to potential customer that helps to defined better our Personas and set a list with the core features and powerful potential features to cover actual user needs.

User Personas

In order to focus on the needs of our target group and represent our key audience, we created three Personas were created. They will be used as a reference when creating the layout and structure of your web app.

I performed a task modeling and a customer emotional map to see possible new needs of the user, confirm the solutions created in the list and get new ones.

Customer emotional journey

Task modelling

Usability testing

Usability tests with digital and analog prototypes were used to obtain the best optimization for the web application. The test was done to potential users of Tribo. After gathering the information we got, such as where the participants got more troubles (pain points) or suggestions for improvements, the features for better usability of the web application were improved.

Usability testing with paper prototypes

Usability testing with wireframes


The branding was designed as well as a concept that helps Tribo to stablish a brand identity on the market. Tribo is about the feeling of unity and belonging of a team working together for the same project. The team speaks its language and develop a unique identity different from others. That’s why the design must be customizable, colorful and minimalist. All the elements created for Tribo like the logo or icons help to find the Tribo personality and communicate the character of community and colaboration that the brand identity.

The final product

With the results obtained in the usability tests, the wirefirames were improved. The finals high-fidelity wireframes was designed with the visual identity created for Tribo.

A final product were created with optimal solutions for our target and an appealing modern visual identity with a concept that communicates the values of the brand in the market.