Stecky’s climate mission

An online platform that applies the gamification system to learn to save energy efficiently with the habits of daily life.

An online platform where climate protection becomes a fun interactive adventure.

Stecky’s climate mission is a joint project of the German Caritas Association. V. (DCV) and the Federal Association of Energy and Climate Protection Agencies in Germany (eaD) e. V. and is funded by the National Climate Initiative of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.
The challenge: to make climate protection more understandable, engaging, and motivating to reach our target audience of low-income households. Therefore users can develop sustainable consumption habits in their daily lives.

Client: Caritas Germany

Bundesverbandes der Energie- und Klimaschutzagenturen Deutschlands e. V.
(Federal Association of Energy and Climate Protection Agencies in Germany)

Bundesministeriums für Umwelt, Naturschutz und nukleare Sicherheit
(Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety)

My role: UX/UI Design
Lead Art Direction
Digital Product Design
Creative Direction
User research
Information Architecture


An online platform as a progressive web application based on a user-centered design and gamification mechanics for an interactive learning experience.

The online platform was designed as a progressive web and the content of 55 missions and challenges was developed increasing user participation.

The process applied a user-centered design to reach the target group of low-income households. UX design techniques were applied with a gamification approach such as interviews, surveys, prototyping, User Testing or User flow, defining an effective concept focused on our users.
The result is an interactive experience with intuitive usability defined by efficiency, memorability and satisfaction with attractive rewards and an empathetic message.

“Stecky’s climate mission” is designed as an interactive adventure where the goal is sustainability. Stecky features this journey to educate users with habits to save energy efficiency in their daily life. This experience makes climate protection cool, exciting and can be implemented for all households regardless of budget or previous knowledge.


The progressive web app is designed with game mechanics, which transmits not only fun but also sustainable knowledge on the topics of climate protection and energy saving.

This user-centered interactive experience uses game technics to increase our target engagement. “Stecky’s climate mission” only allows for fun learning but also provides lasting knowledge on the topics of climate protection and energy saving. The prospect of attractive rewards motivates users to do the best for the climate and their own wallet integrating sustainability into their everyday lives.

The user journey goes through four different main subjects: SAVE ELECTRICITY, SAVE ON HEATING, SAVE WATER, SAVE IN EVERYDAY LIFE.

Specific topics on sustainability 

Each of these main subjects contains specific related topics. The user has to go through 4 levels to discover a total of 18 topics to get their rewards. Examples of these topics are: saving electricity in the kitchen, using the computer, recycling garbage, etc.

The process

User Research

User experience technics were involved to understand the complexity of the target group: the single father working part-time, the pensioner with a little pension, the long-term unemployed in her fifties and the housewife with a migration background in a low-income household. For competent product development and user-centered design, these user research methods were applied to reach the pain points and opportunities that they all have in common: Competitor analysis, Survey, User interviews, User journey map or definition of User Personas.
The analysis of the collected data revealed their motivations and needs, as well as their concerns about saving energy and money. This information was implemented in the development of the online platform.


User Testing and Concept

The concept of a progressive web app game is based on an appealing and easy understanding Information Architecture applying User flows, defining a Sitemap, and engaging Content through a testing process with potential Users. In this way, we ensure intuitive and easy-to-understand usability for our type of users, most of whom are far from technology. The application of heuristic principles was used to design an appropriate information architecture, as well as the appropriate tonality and content for the target audience.

User flows


The content

The exciting learning journey for each topic follows the same methodology:

1. Self-test

2. Tipps

3. Challenges

4. Quiz

Learning levels

Each completed main topic confirms a level passed. The user must complete a minimum of subtopics to move on to the next topic.  There are 4 levels and an extra level through a total of 18 topics.

Mission Score view

Branding and User Interface Design

The design style created creates a playful atmosphere that, with its easy-to-understand illustrations, invites you to go on a climate mission within the four levels. Heuristic techniques were applied to the interface to achieve an interaction design driving users to a satisfactory experience.

The final product

User touchpoints lead to the landing page where CTA strategists claim a user registration for the game.
The points accumulated and the missions achieved can be viewed in an easy and interactive way, giving efficient feedback to the user on the progress and status of their experience.