Deutsches Theater online campaign

Online tool where users can express what Thearer means through an online tool.

An online tool where users can express what Theater means to them and post it in Social media

Deutsches Theater Berlin is a public theatre based in Berlin, Germany. In preparation for the 2023/2024 season, but also in everyday life at the Deutsches Theatre,  we could think about our role in culture and society: why, what is all the theater for? And anyway, what kind of theater really?
I was in charge of visualizing the idea into a responsive online platform. I did the interface, layout, and design of the online platform for mobile and desktop.

Client: Deutsches Theater
My role: Art Direction
UI Design
UX Design
Digital Product Design

Step 1

Write what three words mean German Theater for you.

Step 2

Choose the color option for your final art.

Step 3

Optional: Write your Name and Location in the form

Step 4

Voila! Your art is finished and ready to post on your social media, download, or archived in the platform.