Online banking

Always and everywhere

The bank that goes with you wherever you go

The bank BVR wants to communicate their service online 24/7. The BVR just launched their App from where the user can do all the services of a regular bank, the same than their online portal.

Client: BVR (Volksbank Raiffeisenbank)
Services: Art direction
UI Design
Graphic Design


Always and everywhere

We got the concept “always and everywhere” and we create all the pieces for the different media of this campaign such us tv commercial, print,  promotion ideas, online marketing, etc.

I also have conceptualists and produced a real-time online marketing action on a live banner that fits visually at the time of day to experience the use of the bank’s services anytime, anywhere.

Online marketing
Different digital channels were used in the campaign such as a live banner in “Der Spiegel”, social media (Facebook or Instagram), banners in different platforms, or Youtube prerolls.

Live banner

We stream 24 hours on a live banner in the website. We play with our concept “always and everywhere” and we performed two different executions; One, we show our image of the girl using the Banking App on a roof in different daylight situations matching with the real-time light situation.

During the day, we focus on the headlines that publish the and we suit headlines in our live banner as a reaction of the content and always linked with the BVR service of cooperative consulting service.

Youtube Pre-rolls

Because we wanted to reach the millennials target, we use the platform Youtube to insert pre-roll videos adaptations of our campaign.

The images

The images used in the campaign show people in different places and always with a device around. Turning in that way the place into a bank where to use the bank services.

The images are realistic, friendly, simple and with a human touch. All the images were used for the online and offline campaign. Here some example of the print posters.