The Climate Choice

Redesign the platform including new features and create a design system

The climate choice platform

The Climate Intelligence Platform to streamline, manage and report climate-related business data. They enable the decarbonization of companies and their supply chains.
For that I´ve redesigned the platform and created new features as a Product Designer in order for companies can manage, search, performance the data. marketing and using
I have been working here as a Senior product designer together in teams with Product managers and developers to create a product based on marketing goals and translate it into a digital product with good-quality usability.
I´ve used tools like prototyping, wireframing, user testing, user flows, design systems and interface design.

Client: The Climate Choice
My role: Senior Product Designer
UX Design
UI Design
Design System
Lead Art Direction


This includes the full onboarding, search and filtering companies, Dashboard, report, detail company page, list of suppliers and managing or the full readiness verification digital process among others.


Another goal was to convert the complexity of the report data or product content into a simple product for users to use and understand while maintaining good usability at all times. Consideration was given to the use of data visualization for reports and a good overview in the Dashboard with access to everything the user could manage easily.

Category search feature
Detail page with report

Design System

A design system was created so developers can get a consistent design ready to use for all the processes and states.