Web series

A web series on the topics of mid-sized companies.

A web series about relevant current topics for the mid-size business

The BVR wants to explain online through films how it works, to have a mid-size company. The bank wants to make visible its cooperative consulting service for new founding business for currents or potential clients and therefore encourage the creation of their business.

Client: BVR (Volksbank Raiffeisenbank)
Services: Art Direction
UX/UI Design
Graphic Design

The film poster


A digital campaign to let entrepreneurs know about what the web series is about

The web series “Von Mitteldstand zu Mittelstand” , (“from mid-size company to mid-size company”) was created where each season focuses on a relevant topic for new entrepreneurs or those who already have a business running. In each chapter, an expert will talk about his experience and give useful advice about how to optimize your company.

The web series is streamed on the BVR Bank website. In that way, the bank service of helping the business creation will be more linked to the series.

Moreover, a digital campaign of Banners and Social media were launch in order potential users can know about the web series.

The campaign

The trailer

When the series began, a teaser trailer of the movies was launched on different platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. in channels related to businesses and entrepreneurs. In this way, we could attract future followers of the web series and therefore potential customers for the BVR.

The films

The series deals with topics such as employee training, innovation, succession, business foundation or growth for example. Different experts advise about the topic and talk about their experience. Some have been helped by the bank BVR for its creation.

Here you find three chapters examples of the web series.

The Website

All the web series can be streamed at the BVR website. For one year, every month was a season released. The user can watch when he wants an older season. At the same platform, the user can find information about how the bank can help them if the user is thinking to star ta business or grow it.

The Images

All the images used in the campaign are with a highly professional look, inspiring, modern and with a human touch. Here you can check some example of the images we used.

MOT_04_Kraft_v04a_eciv2 copy

Online marketing

In order to catch new viewers for the series, we launch a digital campaign with stream banners, animated banners, lightbox videos, digital ads in such us Youtube or Social Media platforms.