Hacked fingers

An initiative against the fingerprint bank hackers

A BVR bank initiative to inform about bank hackers

The BVR is a reliable, close to the people and safe bank. Its digital system for the Desktop and App client has a great security system that is hacker proof. BVR wanted to inform about the problem of the fingerprint hacking, to be used in banking transactions through pictures of fingers that people post online. BVR fingerprint got a high-security system of their online banking to be safe about.

Client: Häkeln gegen Hacker (Volksbank Raiffeisenbank)
Services: Art Direction
UX/UI Design
Graphic Design


“Häkeln gegen Hacker” initiative

We launched the initiative “Häkeln gegen Hacker” (“Crochet against hacker”) by BVR  to inform about the fingerprint hacking.

We create a digital campaign to inform about that. We launch this camping in Social Media with different Post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

A responsive Web App was created to inform about the problem, about the Bank security feature and where the user can order the ski mask for free to support the cause.

The key visual for the campaign shows two peace fingers with a ski robber mask on them. People who want to participate will receive one of our collection of ski mask models and they will support this movement just by posting their pictures with the peace fingers with their mask in their social media like a symbol of protecting their fingers from the hackers and claiming for peace.

The social media campaign shows the key visual of the two fingers with the ski robber mask with different headlines and they were posted on Instagram and Facebook.
With a small production budget, we delivered high-quality results.